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ABOUT US provides listeners with the opportunity to learn Brazilian Portuguese in an engaged and fun way. Our goal is to help people from around the world to learn Brazilian Portuguese. All you need is just an Internet access and about 10 minutes a day.

This podcast is produced by Marina Gomes and Daria Olshevskaia. 



Marina Gomes has been teaching Portuguese as a second language since 1978. She taught Portuguese at the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto for 12 years and now she teaches private lessons in Peterborough and Toronto, and via Skype and Zoom to students from all over the world, besides working as a freelance translator (English/Portuguese).



Daria Olshevskaia is a Portuguese and Russian teacher. Now she lives in Argentina and gives private lessons in Buenos Aires, besides teaching students via Skype and Zoom.

She is also a Russian/Portuguese translator and works with international companies. Read more

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